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A social network with DRAMA and just need you in it!

TV Game Studio is the newest social network and online reality game site. You can host your own reality game or be a housemate in a Big Brother game or castaway in a Survivor game to enter the hall of fame! This community includes fans of Ru Paul’s Drag Race, The Amazing Race, and other game shows! Do you got what it takes to be famous?

Create Your Online Reality Game!

You can host as many online reality games your heart desires! Group features include status posts, group forums, group polls, media (photos, videos, audio, and file uploads). Game hosts will be rewarded points to enter the Hall of Fame! Hosting an awesome TV reality game show can make you famous too!

Play Online Reality Games!

Join numerous reality games with their unique rules, challenges, and twists! Only the Final 3 can earn points to enter the Hall of Fame! Are you up for the competitive challenge filed with drama and betrayals?

HTML5 RPG Challenges

Play Big Brother and Survivor themed challenges that feel like you are activity in the house or island yourself! These games are compatible on your computer or smartphone! Play anywhere at any time!

Beta Testing Request
In case desired username is not avaiable.
Make sure it is valid and check your email on the listed dates above or you lose your spot.
You will be able to be all three roles, but we want to make sure what role you would like the BETA test the most?
We cannot be guaranteed you will be selected, but we will do our best to give priority accommodation to users who will be active on the weeks we create accounts. Note: high volume requests on the desired day could postpone to an earlier or later date.