What is TV Game Studio?

TV Game Studio (TVGS) is an online reality game (ORG) community focused on the niche of reality games like Big Brother, Survivor, Ru Paul's Drag Race, The Amazing Race, The Challenge, Total Drama series, and so many other shows that are competition-based where only one person wins. Users utilize this community to recruit players for discord ORGs, post content, discuss about their favorite shows, and earn points to be famous and popular. This community launched on July 28, 2023.

How does it work?

Once you create an account, the site functions similarly to Reddit. You may post content that will be rated by other users with positive or negative ratings. These ratings will impact the points you earn on the community which will have consequences on your site ranking. The more active you are in the community, the more points you have.

Do you host an ORG on Discord or Tengaged? Users can request points for hosting a successful game and reward their players for participating and winning their game. Consider TVGS as an ORG portal to advertise your very own game and get players committed to winning. Get rewarded for hosting a successful game and reward your players points to enter our leaderboard!

You may check out our official guide here.

Avaiable Competetions

We are proud to offer mini games for ORG hosts to use as challenges for their series. We are dedicated to provide a unique experience to make it feel like competing on the actual Big Brother or Survivor  TV show! Our games are coded to have a built in anti-cheat system. You give your players a code to use to verify scores. This will prevent users from re-using old screenshots and to ensure they are playing the challenge at the set time period. Check out some demos:

Stepping Stones Demo

The Maze Demo

Official ORGs and Community Events

Brovivial: Comming soon...

Touranaments: Based on challenges, the top 8 of 16 will be rewarded points!

Official Games (Coming Soon)

The First Hunger Games: Experience the adventure to be the first tribute to win the 1st annual hunger games.

The Reaping Intro

BETA Day 1 Map/Fight

Welcome to TV Game Studio! We are dedicated ORG Fans. The site is currently in the BETA stage.

Before posting, make sure you comply with the community guidelines.

Need help navigating the site? Check out the guide or ask a question.

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