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Official Community Guidelines

Welcome to TVGS and thank you for taking the time to read the community guidelines that we do not allow. Please note that we provided some cases on the level of offense, but some cases can be complex. Admins will use their best judgment and will document offenses at the tribal council. You have the right to question or debate certain actions as wrongful tribal council points (TCP) assigned (more or less).

CG1: Discriminatory and Offensive Content

Our community thrives to establish a safe space for every member to enjoy reality games and social entertainment. To provide this, we prohibit any content that discriminates or is offensive to our members. Any content that promotes or shows racism, homophobia/transphobia, and offensive slurs against people with exceptional abilities will be held accountable and their posts will be removed.

Minor Offense = 10 TCP

Major Offense = 15 TCP

Serious offense = 30 TCP

CG2: Pornographic Content

Any member who posts any content (images, videos, or links) will be blocked.

Minor Offense = 30 TCP

CASE 1: The user is under a lot of pressure from drama or tension between other users. They send a link to pornographic content to an admin or moderator to ban themselves. This is a minor offense as it was done privately, but does not warrant a permanent ban. 

CASE 2: The user posted a video that is appropriate but contains some nudity in some parts, but it was not intentional. This is a minor offense as it is not intentional or direct porn. It is the user's responsibility to double-check the content or site they link to TVGS.

Major offense = 50 TCP

CASE 1: The user posted a porn link or media publicly in a post or comment. This is a major offense as it impacts many people and it was a direct attempt of posting pornographic content.

Serious offense = 100 TCP

CASE 1: The user posted numerous porn links or media in posts or comments. This is a serious offense as it will impact many people and it was a direct attempt of posting pornographic content to harass the community.

CG3: Pedophilia Behavior

Any member who attempts to request sexual images or inappropriate conversations with a minor (a TVGS user who is under the age of 18 years old) will be permanently blocked. The jury and admins must carefully discuss a verdict on vital evidence on the TVGS site itself and third-party applications (Snapchat, Facebook, Skype, Discord, and so on) that identify all users involved [user who attempts pedophilia behavior and victim(s). This is a serious offense and the owner if necessary shall report the incident to law enforcement. However, we will do our part for the safety of users to ban user access to our site. Transparency: All potential reports will be made here: https://report.cybertip.org/. Only report incidents if you have all evidence to help with law enforcement investigations! Do not involve yourself if you cannot help at all. If you see or can help. Report it to keep predators from minors!

Offense at any degree: 100 TCP with no welcome to return.

CG4False Accusations of Illegal Activities

We take defamation of character very seriously. Especially on activities that are illegal in many societies around the world. Not only false accusations will harm the user's character such as pedophilia, but they are punishable crimes. You are required to have concrete proof. Making a public post without any evidence is subjected to tribal council points against you.

Serious Offense = 50 TCP

CG5: Dishonest Hosting

Our community relies on users being honest when hosting an Online Reality Game (ORG) whether it is on Discord, Tengaged, or any other platform. Dishonesty varies on a case-by-case basis. Dishonesty can include but is not limited to 1) rigging the game for certain players to stay in the game. (2) Forcing the co-hosts to do all the work. (3) Not finishing the game without proper notice or extreme circumstances to prevent successful hosting.

Assigned TCP will be determined by the admin and moderators depending on the investigation. The following punishments may also include:

  • Being ineligible to host games for point prizes for 4 months, 6 months, or permanently.
  • Reduction to awarded point prize (e.g. 50% reduction).

CG6Suspicious IP Activity 

There is no true purpose in having multiple accounts or logging into other people's accounts. Admins and moderators reserve the right to check IP activities at any time if it is suspicious. Any user at any time can request an IP check at any time. The following are not allowed through IP Checks:

  • Having a multiple account comment on your post to earn more points.
  • Selecting your own answer as the best answer to earn more points.
  • Using multiple accounts to troll, harass, or break the rules.

The above scenarios are just a few examples, but if the IP check detects multiple users, they will be punished:

Major Offense: Posts/Comments removed to deduct points and 30 TCP to all accounts detected.

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