Hello ORGers,

With experience from past admins from other sites and the importance of transparency, I will be providing detailed site updates to keep you all informed with the current update of the site.


I noticed the older theme was really complicated and LARGE for mobile devices. I have made changes to make the forms and group pages to be more simple to navigate.


I have added captchas to the sign-up form and group and topic creation forms to prevent spamming. They are annoying, but the good news is it helps the project every time you solve a puzzle! You will not have to endure this when replying to your group game forum or blog comments. This is an important step because 50 groups were created through spam. Those groups have been deleted. I will be deleting spam accounts. BETA will be the only time accounts will be deleted, once we are stable… Accounts that break the rules will be blocked temporarily or permanently.

The Blog Game

The challenge I was added to reward 5 Karma for completion. This challenge takes about 3 – 5 days to complete. If anyone wants to give this challenge a name let me know! I have extended the comment period to 48 hours from 24 hours. Let me know your thoughts if this should be 72 hours or what? Blog comments give you points.

The blog comment section is new and I have added a 5-star rating system in which the PUBLIC (anyone in the world without an account) can rate your blogs! This has no impact on blog points or an incentive to maintain, can be fun for a group challenge to maintain the best rating or something. The same applies to comment ratings that do not grant points.

Group Games

You have an option to create private “alliances” group when you select “alliances”. This is similar to Tengaged Frats.

Group Game forums have plus and neg features which only users with an account can vote. However… the public can rate your comments too! The audience and your fellow housemates or castaways will be judging you. This feature was never provided in Tengaged to provide players to rate comments. This is great to track activity for social tasks or challenges.

People may have issues with only the Top 3 in games to earn payouts, but social activity in the group games does reward users XP for effort depending on how much effort you put in. Users can easily earn karma through the blogs game as well. You can also host a game to guarantee to earn karma as long as the game is successful.

Slow games will earn a BASE (from fast games) with a bonus based on the number of days the game lasted each day is worth a 1.5% bonus. Our first group game will be 14 days long, 100 + 21% = 121K and 121 XP shared by 50-30-20 among the Top 3.

To provide an incentive to get serious testers applying, I will automatically make the allotment to 150/150. So…

1st: 75K + 75 XP / 2nd: 45K + 45XP / 30K + 30XP / Fan Favorite: (the winner will earn the additional prize of 15K/25XP) 90K/100XP!

I will be doing a Brainsteele game to reward the karma/XP I would earn as a host to get users to be active on the blog game and who are viewing the first group game in the process. Stay turn! Next week will be a good week.

Mini Games/Admin Positions/Rules

A Big Brother mini-game is planned to start development in about 1 – 2 weeks. Testing and providing an example of how group games can be run is essential and a priority at the moment. Yes, I will be sharing an admin application before the development to help moderate and provide payouts to users. If you would like to be a juror as well to help admins that will be awesome! I will be posting an updated version of the community guidelines soon. What rules should be added? This is your community and want to hear feedback.


TVGS Administration

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1 year ago

I am very excited to host on this site if I am able to! I have hosted some great games in the past and I can’t wait to show that here if I get the chance<3

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