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Hello Dedicated ORG Fans,

I want to personally thank everyone interested in this project for over two years. The project has undergone so many changes and challenges during its development, but I am proud to have the opportunity to have a stable version of the site go live. 

As of today,

Two competitions are live and stable:

  • Stepping Stones
  • Maze

If you are hosting an ORG, we recommend using them as challenges for your game and taking advantage of the anti-cheat code feature. You get to decide on a 4-digit code to ensure users are playing the game during the period to play (to prevent re-using screenshots of high scores). Anti-cheat codes are optional but recommended to protect integrity which websites that provide mini-games do not provide.

We have created an application for users to complete if you want to earn points for hosting an ORG and to reward your players here: https://forms.gle/cSBToWB3LVV459Fa7

Community Events for August:

  • 2 Tournaments: Maze and Survival Math

Planned Updates:

  • Finish Development for Survival Math (This may take 2 weeks to complete).
  • I have started development of the "The First Hunger Games". I cannot provide any timeframe for this would be completed. I may provide some more information in a future month (October or November).
  • I am interested in creating more comps, let me know some of your ideas.

Planned Community Events for September:

  • This will be an annual that will last the entire month, our community will organize a group using the https://freerice.com organization to promote accessible education and to fight world hunger. As an educator and social justice advocate, I believe we should create a community with a collective effort to promote positive social change. The Top 20 people who contribute to the most grains of rice will earn a generous amount of points. More information will be provided within one week of the event's start (September 1st).
  • Tournaments and more surprises!

I am hoping to provide some monthly site updates to inform the community about what has been going on with the site and any projects associated with it.

If you want to support this project, please disable Adblock for this site to help cover the cost of the server. We only have one advertisement at the bottom of the page to avoid disturbing your experience with annoying ads. Thank you again.

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