Hello everyone! Welcome back to my thoughts and opinions on Episode 2 ala Premiere 2 of Rupaul’s Drag Race Season 14!


Once again, Before I begin, I would like to just warn anyone reading this that I will be talking about everything that happened in the episode meaning I will be talking about who goes home.

So, with that being said, let’s dive right into it!


Entrance Looks

The 1st queen to enter the werkroom was Jorgeous!

I think this look, looks very good on her. She is definitely a smaller queen but I can tell she is gonna be really fierce! I love the long hair in the pony tails and her makeup looks great! Great entrance look


The 2nd queen to enter the werkroom was DeJa Skye!

This look I was not a fan of. I was expecting a little more from DeJa Skye because she is such a great queen so when she entered the werkroom is this, I was very disappointed. The hair was not the best, the pink polka dots where a mess, and her makeup was not there for me. I do like her shoes though, but that is the only plus about this look to me.


The 3rd queen to enter the werkroom was Jasmine Kennedie!

I was very wishy washy about this look for multiple reasons. Sometimes I loved it, and sometimes I hate it and the same time. I love the hair and the color, the makeup looks gorgeous, the outfit was very hit or miss for me as it looks a little homemade to me. The shoes are great! Overall a good look but not sickening for me.


The 4th queen to enter the werkroom was Maddy Morphosis!

This look is very interesting because it is giving me Guy Fiery vibes like she wanted it to and it works! The hair is not the greatest but with what she was going for, it worked out. The heels are blood red and I LIVE for them! The makeup could use a little touchup but other than that, she looks great!


The 5th queen to enter the werkroom was Angeria Paris VanMichaels!

I absolutely LOVED this entrance look! She is serving 1950s Minnie Mouse and I am LIVING FOR IT! She looks amazing, the dress looks polished, the shoes are amazing, her makeup is to die for, and overall the queens better watch out! Definitely a frontrunner in the game!


The 6th queen to enter the werkroom was Lady Camden!

I was not living for this look at all when she walked it. It looks unpolished and doesn’t have any sort of concept. The makeup is a bit messy, and it looks like she just woke up and chose something from her closet and went yep, that one will work. Probably my least favorite entrance of the episode.


The 7th and final queen to enter the werkroom was Daya Betty!

I have very mixed emotions about this entrance look. The hair wasn’t doing it for me, the makeup was fine, the color of the outfit was not it, the black gloves stand out too much, and the fishnets make the lewk look like it was bought from the store. I don’t have that many nice things to say about this look but I appreciate her trying her hardest.


Now that we have met all of this seasons queens, it’s time to get to Part 2 of the Talent Show!


Talent Show Extravaganza Part 2

The 1st performance was by Jorgeous and she was doing a Lip Sync!

I fairly enjoyed this lip sync and she really knows how to dance. I was a little disappointed that she chose to do a lip sync because we see it on Drag race all the time but she really killed it!


The 2nd performance was by Jasmine Kennedie and she was doing  Lip Sync/Dance!

During this lip sync she TURNED IT OUT MAMA! She surely is a Lip Sync Assassin and the other girls better watch out! She definitely knows what she is doing and I am very excited to see what else she can turn out.


The 3rd performance was by Daya Betty and she was doing a Comedy Lip Sync!

During this performance I was very confused on what she was going for. I think she was going for a clown at a birthday party? But I would have loved to see her take the balloon she blew up and make something out of it. Overall, not the best performance.


The 4th performance was by Lady Camden and she was doing a Ballet Number!

I was really shocked at the approach Lady Camden took on her performance! Mama Ru told her that Ballet can be boring so she took that advice and shook it up! I highly enjoyed this performance a lot and I think she turned it out!


The 5th performance was by DeJa Skye and she was doing a Cheerleading Comedy Routine!

This performance was something else and not in a good way. It was very basic and had no comedy in it at all. I didn’t really enjoy the performance with how basic it was. I wanted something extra and that never came.


The 6th performance was by Maddy Morphosis and she was playing the Electric Guitar!

I liked this performance but it was missing a little bit of action. The blues are amazing but I was expecting a little more from the guitar solo. It was just a little boring to me but it was good.


The 7th and final performance was by Angeria Paris VanMichaels and she was singing an Original Song!

YES BITCH WORK! This performance was PHENOMINAL! She was so great! Her lip sync was on point, her dancing was everything, and she truly knows how to TURN IT OUT! I am so excited to see that she can dance so now let’s she if she can act too!


Now that we have seen all 7 performances, it’s time to get to the Runway Looks!


Runway Looks

RUNWAY THEME: Signature Sickening Drag

Up 1st to the runway was Jorgeous!

This look was gorgeous but I wanted a little more from it. It is stoned but it looks cheaply made to me. The makeup looks great and the hair does too. Other than the outfit, it looks good.


2nd Queen to the runway was DeJa Skye!

This outfit I didn’t really live for and her makeup is the exactly same as the entrance look. The outfit It looks too drapey but I love the color of it. The headband on her head looks pretty though but everything else was a miss for me.


3rd queen to the runway was Jasmine Kennedie!

This look is stunning! I love her makeup, her hair is perfect, the outfit is amazing, I love the gold aspect to it and I love how long it is! Definitely one of the tops of the week.


4th queen to the runway was Maddy Morphosis!

This look is very interesting and I loved every bit of it! Except 1 thing….why she wearing FLATS?! That ruined the whole look for me honestly. If she was wearing a heel it would have made this look so much better. But I loved the concept and enjoyed this look a lot.


5th queen to the runway was Angeria Paris VanMichaels!

This look…

This look is FABULOUS AND ABSOLUTELY STUNNING! If that doesn’t scream WINNER I don’t know what does! This look is something that is shown on the finale runway! I love the color, the hair, the body, EVERYTHING! I was absolutely speechless when she walked the runway. Cancel the season cause the winner has just been revealed.


6th queen to the runway was Lady Camden!

This look was very interesting and I want to like it but somehow I can’t get myself to. I like the whole Peacock aspect but other than that I got lost. The shoes could have been different but I love the makeup.


The 7th and final queen to the runway was Daya Betty!

I wasn’t that interested by this look only because it looks weird to me. I love the concept and everything but it seemed a bit off. I love the hair but it does not go with the outfit in the slightest.


Now that everyone has walked the runway, it’s time to reveal the Tops and Bottoms of the week!

TOPS: Angeria Paris VanMichaels, Jorgeous, and Lady Camden

WINNER: Angeria Parish VanMichaels

SAFE: Jasmine Kennedie

BOTTOMS: Maddy Morphosis, DeJa Skye, and Daya Betty

UP FOR ELIMINATION: DeJa Skye and Daya Betty


I understand why the judges decided to send her home because the look just wasn’t cutting it. I truly wanted to see what she had to offer but sadly she got cut just short.


And that’s the tea! That is all for today’s thoughts and opinions and I will be back next time on my thoughts and opinions on Episode 3 of Rupaul’s Drag Race!


QUEENS Episode 1 Episode 2
Kornbread “The Snack” Jete WIN
Bosco HIGH
Willow Pill HIGH
Kerri Colby SAFE
Alyssa Hunter LOW
June Jambalaya BTM 2
Maddy Morphosis LOW
Angeria Paris VanMichaels WIN
Lady Camden HIGH
DeJa Skye BTM 2
Jasmine Kennedie SAFE
Jorgeous HIGH
Daya Betty ELIM
Orion Story ELIM

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1 year ago

Ughh this was so sad to be honest! I’m praying they both come back that were eliminated I hate how short we got to know them

1 year ago


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