What is TV Game Studio?

TV Game Studio (TVGS) is an online reality game (ORG) community focused on the niche of reality games like Big Brother, Survivor, Ru Paul's Drag Race, The Amazing Race, The Challenge, Total Drama series, and so many other shows that are competition-based where only one person wins. Users utilize this community to recruit players for discord ORGs, post content, discuss about their favorite shows, and earn points to be famous and popular.

How does it work?

Once you create an account, the site functions similarly to Reddit. You may post content that will be rated by other users with positive or negative ratings. These ratings will impact the points you earn on the community which will have consequences on your site ranking. The more active you are in the community, the more points you have.

Users who host ORGs are able to request points for hosting a successful game and reward their players for participating and winning their game. Consider TVGS as an ORG portal to advertise your very own game and get players committed to winning.

We will be providing a full-detail guide to help users get started on the site soon. Please stay tuned. wink

Coming Soon! surprised

3 mini-game challenges are under development for ORG hosts to use as challenges for their games to give a realistic experience of your reality game themed after Big Brother and Survivor. These games can be played on any smart mobile device or desktop.

Do you always want to participate in the Hunger Games? Soon, you will have to kill 23 tributes, survive the creatures released by the game-makers, maintain your health, and find resources needed to be the first tribute to win the 1st annual hunger games. Join the community today to be eligible to beta-test the development before it gets released.

TV Game Studio is an online reality game community. Currently in BETA state.

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