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Hosting Information for Big Brother Games

Are you interested in hosting a game on TV Game Studio? It is FREE! You are required to be familiar with the Big Brother rules and group game guidelines before becoming a host.

Steps to becoming the best Big Brother Host:

  • Understanding the Big Brother Game format
  • Have a Discord account
  • Read the Group Game Guidelines
  • Create your own game with your own rules and format!
  • Submit your application in the Big Brother Portal.

Big Brother Background/Format

Big Brother is a reality game show and a social experiment involving a group of strangers called “housemates”. This group will live together in confinement, with zero privacy, and no contact with the outside world. During the time in the house, housemates must complete tasks assigned by Big Brother to earn a shopping budget or earn rewards or punsihments. Each week housemates will nominate two housemates for eviction and the public will decide who will be evicted from the house. Once there are 3 housemates left, the public will decide who will win the grand prize. In later series from countries around the world, the United States format created competitions like “Head of Household (HOH)” and “Power of Veto (POV)”. The winner of the HOH competition will win the power to nominate two housemates for eviction (traditionally all housemates would collectively vote and the two housemates with the highest votes will be selected as a nominee). The winner of the POV competition will win the power to save a housemate from nomination resulting in the HOH selecting a new housemate as a replacement. The housemates expect the nominees and HOH will vote to evict. The HOH will only vote in an event of a tie. Depending on the remaining number of housemates left, a jury will be established to elect the winner among the final 2 housemates in the game In some series, there are twists where evicted housemates have a chance to win a second chance to re-enter the game, secret voting advantages, duos, so much more! You may follow the format above like the traditional Big Brother UK/AU Rules or the Big Brother US/CAN Rules with HOH/POV. You are free to mix both formats or make twists of an existing format. Be creative! Remember, your game must eliminate housemates until 1 person is left to win!


You do not need a discord account, but it is recommended for communication and additional features for your group game. We allow games to be hosted on discord, we require that all players have a TVGS account, and applications are posted in the Big Brother portal.

Group Game Guidelines

Please read the GROUP GAME GUIDELINES. Once you complete that, join the group because you will be posting your applications here often!

Creating Your Game

Remember! Your game! You own it! You set the rules! We will include tips and tricks from community members on how they created their own games, but we will offer some tips:

  • Use a Canva to design your own logo.
  • Use a Google Doc to brainstorm the rules, twists, and format. How many days will the game last?
  • Create a calendar. What days of the week users will be active? Are certain days for comps and nominations?
  • What are your rules and expectations? Many use a strike system and those who earn 3 strikes will be removed from the game. 

Submit to Big Brother Portal

Go to the group game guidelines and copy the template and edit your important in a new forum! You are ready to have housemates apply to your new game!

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