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    The game will be based on modern Big Brother Australia.

    Head of House (HOH)
    Each week, housemates must collectively vote for a housemate to be the week’s Head of House (HOH). The HOH will earn immunity from eviction and have the power to nominate 2 housemates for eviction. Housemates can be elected as HOH multiple times, but cannot be the HOH 2 times in a row.
    Nomination Challenge (NC)
    Each week, all housemates expect the HOH can compete in the NC. The winner of the NC will have the power to nominate 1 housemate for eviction. The HoH is required to send their nominations and the reason why during this time period. Housemates who participate in the NC will send their potential nomination (and will be selected if they won the NC) during this time as well.
    Immunity Challenge (IC)
    Each week, all housemates will compete in the IC. The winner of the IC will be immune from nominations for the week. The HOH and NC winner will always nominate an additional housemate to only be counted in case their original set won immunity.
    Second Chance Challenge (SCC)
    The 3 nominated housemates will be given a chance to compete in the SCC. The winner will not receive any eviction votes. As nominated, they will not be allowed to vote only if there was a tie between the 2 nominated housemates who did not win the SCC.
    All housemates safe from nomination are granted the power to assign 1 point to evict (excluding the HOH).
    • The HOH is elected and granted the power of immunity and to nominate 2 housemates for eviction so they lose their 1 point to evict as power balance.
    • The NC winner is granted the power to assign 0.5 points to evict if not nominated. The NC winner can be nominated for eviction and therefore lose their power to nominate if nominated.

    Public Vote

    Who wins? The Discord Audience decides. However, audience members must be in the server for a certain time frame and must register to vote 3 days prior to voting.

    Post any questions or clarifications here 🙂

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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