BB Group Game Payout Request Thread #1

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    No discussions or off-topic comments shall be made. Only post the form below for your response. Only admins should respond to forms. If you disagree with the decision or want to make comments, we recommend the following:

    • Private message the admin who processed your request. You have had a discussion regarding the matter there. You are responsible for following the guidelines to remain eligible. We will re-review case by case basis.
    • If users received the incorrect amount of rewards, you must ask the impacted users to contact the admin who processed your request for additional help.
    • The information on the form (specifically the XP reward allotment) shall be accurate and should not be more than the actual amount rewarded or more than the maximum allotment. All information is FINAL. Admins have the right to adjust when needed.

    Form (copy and paste)

    Please complete the form with all required information before submitting it. Admins reserve the right to reject payout requests based on the Group Game Application Guidelines (GGAG). You should have agreed and followed the guidelines for the entire duration of your game. If any of the guidelines failed to meet standards, we cannot reward your group game. 

    **** Copy Below *****

    Group Game Information

    Host #1:

    Host #2: (if applicable)

    Group Game Name:

    Group Game Link:

    Group Game Type: (Big Brother, Survivor, Other)

    Completed Days: (How many days did your game last? If the game was FAST/LIVE put “0”

    Payout Reward Information

    1st Place:

    2nd Place:

    3rd Place:

    Fan Favorite: (If applicable)

    XP Rewards Offered: 0/100

    List User and XP given for each: (User, 20, User2, 5, User3, 25)

    Your Acknowledge

    I acknowledged the information provided is accurate and correct. I understand failure to comply with the GGAG’s will result in immediate ineligibility and rejection for any rewards. By submitting this request form, you followed all the guidelines before starting your group game and hosted the group game successfully and with full integrity. 

    *** Copy endpoint **

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