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Official Big Brother Group Game Applications

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[Official] Group Game Application Guidelines (GGAG)

Forums Group Games Official Big Brother Group Game Applications [Official] Group Game Application Guidelines (GGAG)

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    You are interested in creating your own group game on our community? Awesome! Please take the time to get familiar with the guidelines to ensure you can earn Karma and XP for hosting and to reward your housemates! We will try our best to not make the process too complicated for anyone and we will be happy to clarify if needed!

    What You Need:

    1. Your group game essentials (format, rules, and other important documents) REQUIRED FOR PAYOUTS
    2. Your group game page link
    3. Your group game application
    4. How you will record the game history and/or events REQUIRED FOR PAYOUTS

    1 = Without knowing your own official rules. format, the amount of players, and estimated amount of days. You are certain to be ineligible to receive any payouts. You must upload these in the actual group  game page as a forum, and link to the group doc on your application topic here. Must be a public document where any one can read it.

    4 = This is important to know your group game actually happen and recorded. This can be done in a forum or google sheets, or google docs with public access.


    GGAG1: All group games with no exceptions must be hosted on TV Game Studio. To a certain extent we may permit hybrid group games which require Skype, discord, or other communication services along side with our community.

    GGAG2: All group games requesting payouts must be successful. This means the game started and concluded as applied with the format and rules followed by the game host(s) themselves and housemates. This does includes the game host(s) did not rig the game by any means and housemates who broke the rules were punished by the game host(s) to protect the fairness of the reality game and others.

    GGAG3: All group games are entitled to 1 game host and 1 game co-host. The payout for group game hosts if applicable must share the payout respectively. Both hosts must do their fair share and contribute running the successful group game. If we are able to detect an unfair hosting, the host that did the worse contribution will only earn 25% of payout while the more active host will earn 75% compared to 50-50. Hosting is hard work and we are proud to reward game hosts for your essential contribution! We have this portion to prevent using co-hosts as charity work.

    GGAG4: In an event of unforeseen circumstances relating to the main host of the group game. GGAG4 provides the rights for the co-host to continue the game without permission of the original game host. This guideline is to serve for the sake of protecting the game to remain successful and not be cancelled. This protects the co-host if and only if the game hosts is unresponsive for at least 48 hours. This right will be revoked when the game host returns and able to host the game again.


    Failure to comply with any of these guidelines gives the right to forbid any group game from being eligible to reward Karma or XP. The owner reserves the right to suspend any game payouts temporary at any time for any reason. If group games are eligible, payouts be in progress and updated at the maximum of seven (7) days once the game has concluded.

    Template to Post

    [Link to Group Game]

    Link to Game Format and Rules]

    [Actual Group Game Application Questions Posted on Topic]

    [Directions to Apply Through Mail here, Skype, by replying, and so on]

    You need to reply to your own topic by saying “APPS CLOSED” or “No Longer Accepting Applications”

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