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    Community Guidelines

    Terms & Definitions

    Admins: Appointed users by the owner to serve the community with trusted abilities by enforcing the community guidelines, proceeding jury verdicts, providing Karma/XP payouts. We understand this establishes a hierarchy of power and want to acknowledge no user is above the community guidelines. These individuals must serve the community with integrity, respect, commitment to the best of their ability. No term length unless the user decides to withdraw breaks the guidelines, or becomes inactive from their role.

    Court Jury: We have established a seven (7) member jury who are nominated to assist the admins to provide fair and equitable consequences to members who broke the community guidelines. These members are not admins and do not have the tools to carry out blocks. However, these members must vote a majority rule on the punishment for a user who broke the guidelines. Admins cannot vote but only share their perspectives or any recommendations. If there is a tie, admins have the final say. The owner has the right to overturn any action made by the jury or admins.

    Blocked: In our community, this is just a fancy term for banned. Blocks are short-term, long-term, or permanent.

    Offense Levels: Verdict levels for an offense for the jury to use as a guideline for potential punishments.

    Level 1 – Warning + Removal of 10XP

    Level 2 – Blocked: 1 Day

    Level 3 – Blocked: 3 Days

    Level 4 – Blocked: 7 Days

    Level 5 – Blocked: Permanent with a chance of appeal

    User must serve their block for 120 days to request an account appeal. The owner has the right to approve or deny these requests.

    Level 6 – Blocked: Permanent with no appeal

    CG1: Discriminatory and Offensive Content

    Our community thrives to establish a safe space for every member to enjoy reality games and social entertainment. In order to provide this, we prohibit any content that discriminates or is really offensive to our members. Any content that promotes or shows racism, homophobia/transphobia, and offensive slurs against people with exceptional abilities will be held accountable. 

    Punishments will depend on the verdict level and the jury and admins will have 48 hours to determine if a block and/or length is needed. Typically blocks for this issue ranges from Level 1 – 3, which may be higher for repeated offense, user history, and how severe.

    CG2: Pornographic Content

    Any member who posts any content (images, videos, or links) will be permanently blocked immediately with no chance of appeal. The court jury must decide within 48 hours if the offense can be appealed or not appeal.

    CG3: Pedophilia Behavior

    Any member who attempts to request sexual images or inappropriate conversations with a minor (a TVGS user who is under the age of 18 years old) will be permanently blocked with no chance of appeal. The jury and admins must carefully discuss a verdict on vital evidence on the TVGS site itself and third-party applications (Snapchat, Facebook, Skype, Discord, so on) that identifies all users involved [user who attempt pedophilia behavior and victim(s). This is a serious offense and the owner if necessary shall report the incident to law enforcement. However, we will do our part for the safety of users to ban user access to our site. Transparency: All potential reports will be made here: Only report incidents if you have all evidence to help with law enforcement investigations! Do not involve yourself if you cannot help at all. If you see or can help. Report it to keep predators from minors!

    CG4: Hosting Integrity

    Group game hosts must hold games with integrity, fairness, and equity. This involves the application process, challenge results, voting results, and commitment to hold the game until it ends. Failure to hold group games with integrity is subjected to court review. 


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