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Math Survival Help

The Game has 4 basic elements

  • Health
  • Food
  • Crates
  • Time


Your health is the most crucial element of the mini-game. Once your health reaches 0. You will faint and the challenge is over. You can screenshot your score to your host if you are happy, but you can retry if you faint too early. You must search for food when your health gets too low.


The production team provided apple crates in the grassy fields for you to consume. Each crate increases your health by +25. Do not overeat at once because you can waste food if you are below 75 health. A general rule is to eat a couple of crates when your health is below 40. 


Crates contain math problems for you to answer. There are 81 crates! You will not answer them all! You will be rewarded +30 points for each correct answer.  However, every time you answer a crate wrong you will lose -10 points. Constant guessing may hurt your score. Once you answer correctly, you will hear the audience clapping from their TV and the crates will disappear. 


You are given only 5 minutes (300 seconds). Every 1 second you survive, you will be rewarded 3 points for survival effort. If you manage to survive the entire time. You will get up to a +900 bonus to your score!


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