Welcome to the Blogging Reality Game! In this game creativity is endless. Your blog could be a new episode of your group game, your experience in a game, exposing drama, personal life event, or anything your mind imagines! Your goal is to make a comment worthy blog!

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    Rules and Information


    Welcome to TV Game Studio’s most interactive reality game! The blog game provides a space for users to create their own blogs. Blogs can be about anything from an episode recap of your group game, role-play writing, predictions of current seasons, or spilling some tea on the site or your personal life. Bloggers will earn points to enter the Blogger Hall of Fame and earn karma for completing different blogging challenges. TV Game Studio is proud to give users advance blogging tools using WordPress!

    Getting Started

    If you have your own WordPress website or experienced blogging, you should be good to go! We highly recommend everyone to read our official guide for our Blog Guide. We will be adding more detailed information and tips to provide assistance to all new and veteran users. 

    Blog Points

    Unlike our sister sites Tengaged and Zwooper, there are no voting or blog ranks. We will use traditional blogging rules! The more interesting and comment-worthy blog you make, the more blog points you earn! Blogs will automatically close new comments after being published for 24 hours. 

    2 Points = Creating blog

    All users are limited to 2 blogs per day to prevent spam and point abuse. Remember, creative and amazing blogs will have a higher chance of people commenting and discussing.

    3 Points = Every 5 comments received from your blog posts.

    Comments do not have to be in a single blog post. If you have 7 comments in 1 blog and 3 comments in another blog, you will earn 6 points! The more comments you get, the more blog points  without the work

    1 Point = Every 5 comments made to any blog.

    If you prefer to be a reader and commenter, you will be rewarded with making comments! This is the most tedious way, but we want to encourage people to make comments too!

    -3 Points = Every comment removed by an admin for spam/inappropriate content.

    -5 Points = Every blog post removed by an admin for spam/inappropriate content/upon request.

    Admins reserve the right to remove comments if they are meaningless and/or spam, offense, and/or break our community/blog game rules.

    Blog Challenges

    We will provide automated ways for users to earn karma from completing some easy, normal, and difficult challenges.

    Challenge list coming soon!

    Community and Content Guidelines

    Failure to comply with community or content guidelines in the Blog Game will result in a minimum of content removal and blog point deduction. Further account actions may be considered depending on the severity of the offense.

    1. Blog posts and comments must follow our sitewide community guidelines.
    2. Double posting (posting 2 comments in a row ) is permitted if and only the comment is meaningful to the discussion. We recommend replying to other comments if you want to give the blogger an extra push for blog points. 
    3. Triple or more posting (posting 3 or more comments in a row) is strictly forbidden in the blog game. Admins will delete comments! We will remove all comments but the first/(second if meaningful) comment made. 
    4. We have zero-tolerance for hateful content (racism, homophobia, transphobia, and so on). This is a reality game site and understands the drama and exposure of your community members will arise. We ask to think about posting to create fun drama and not actually destroy a human’s reputation out of spite.  
    5. Users cannot remove their blogs. You must report your blog for removal request (will cost you points). Users who comment on your blog will lose points. We ask if you want the blog content to remove, edit the blog and write (removed or deleted). If you want and others to lose points, request for removal.
    6. Transparency Information: All external links, not TVGS will direct you to a site called “LinkVertise”. You may have to view ads or wait a certain amount of seconds before proceeding. This helps support the cost of running the site and keep it for FREE. We do not offer purchasing points so this is our main source of revenue. For this, we will provide sponsors points that we appreciate your support.

    Useful Tips

    1. You are able to save blog drafts! Creativity not on your side at the moment? Write me later! We can wait to read it.
    2. You know the saying “If you have nothing nice to say, say nothing at all”? Well, do not comment on blogs (ignoring blogs has a negative impact on the blogger).