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Stepping Stones Help


This game was inspired by Squid Game’s “Glass Bridge”. Big Brother required you to wear a clown costume as you are a have-not for the week. As luck is not on your side, you must challenge your luck for the Head of Household or Power of Veto today.


Always remember, Big Brother is watching! There is a 20% chance of receiving a random amount of points listed below and falling. Falling does not reward points and ends the challenge immediately.

Fearless: You walked across with full confidence and did not look down!

Great: You walked across with confidence and looked at the ground for a moment.

Scared: You walked slowly across the step and looked at the ground most of the time.

Fearful: You were losing your balance for a quick second! Nice save!

Step 1  Step 2  Step 3  Step 4  Step 5

1000 (Fearless)

500 (Great)

250 (Scared)

100 (Fearful)

2000 (Fearless)

1000 (Great)

500 (Scared)

200 (Fearful)

4000 (Fearless)

2000 (Great)

1000 (Scared)

400 (Fearful)

8000 (Fearless)

4000 (Great)

2000 (Scared)

600 (Fearful)

 16000 (Fearless)

8000 (Great)

4000 (Scared)

1000 (Fearful)

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